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Empower your team, remove bureaucracy and transform yourself through digital means. Be agile, efficient and effective with an integrated suite that let's you collaborate and be part of the same cross-functional process in real time up to tier-n.


Communication is key to success. Get rid of miles long email threads, waiting times or any obstacle by using an integrated real time communication feature that keeps everything connected, consistent and secure as it never leaves the platform where is stored encrypted.


Raw materials, products or services. All are one click away. Don't restrict yourself to your spreadsheet list of emails when you're in search of critical, or non-critical, items that keep your business running. Get the best price from the best supplier in no-time.


How do you source nowadays? Is your spreadsheet ok? Does your search engine give you what you're looking for? Find your suppliers in a fast, efficient and consistent manner. And minimize the risk by selecting only those who have the right number of stars.

Trade Exchange


Give your team a connected, real time, consistent tool that will let them manage in an agile, efficient and effective manner all your shipments. One connected place, no bureaucracy.


Find, bid and manage all your shipments orders inside a simple tool that keeps all your team in one place. No more apps with ads or communication problems. Your team is connected to everyone involved.


Find, bid and manage all your storage orders inside a simple tool that keeps all your team in one place. Keep your team connected to everyone involved and increase efficiency and productivity through communication.

It takes a major cognitive shift in order to understand that the way things are, and have been, can and should be challenged in order to evolve.

Relationship Management


Everything you need to communicate with your clients and keep track of all the history. All in real time and consistent across the board.


Communicate and collaborate efficiently with all your suppliers. Remove bureaucracy and be part of the same cross-functional team in real time up to tier-n.


Work seamlessly with all your partners. Communicate, collaborate and do everything like one team. No waiting times, no email threads, all in real time.

Find and do business with partners inside a network you already trust. And use the right tool for the job.

Artificial Intelligence


Consistent data is more valuable than gold. It's your data, generated by your business, why not use it to your advantage? Why would you move it from one tool to the other? Put data at the core and make your decisions based on real information not marketing type presentations. Data is the key of the future and the future of the business.


"Knowledge is power". How many tools do you use to get some information about what's what and how everything is actually doing? Do you forecast with your spreadsheet? I think nowadays you and your team should benefit from the data your business is generating. Strategic decisions and planning have now an AI Powered ally.

Information without context and analysis is not Intelligence. Kontraqt is the bottleneck breaker.


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